Training and capacity building

For the last ten years I have specialized in the topic of development the capacity of experts in the field of economic development, specifically aimed at practitioners working in local and regional economic development. I frequently host or participate as a trainer in events aimed at developing the facilitation skills and process consulting skills of experts. Furthermore, I am involved in several projects to develop new methods and concepts that can be used in the field of territorial development.

Some of the topics that I frequently conduct training events on are listed on the menu on the left. For instance, Value chains in LED, Local and regional innovation systems and Market failures.

In the image below I am facilitating a capacity building session during the annual mesopartner Summer Academy on LED that takes place every year during July in Germany.

Presenting my favorite topic: Market Failure

Presenting my favourite topic: Market Failure

This is one of the tougher 1 hour sessions to present, as the topic of market failure is very abstract. Even if it sounds very academic, the discussion about market failure is central to the work of a development practitioner. If a development practitioner do not understand how economies allocate resources via markets, hierarchies or networks then they will always be biased against the other approaches, and in all likelihood fighting markets.

Every time I present this session it is different, as I am still searching for a way to make this fun without diluting the content that must be transferred in a short time

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