Humor: A Sketch about being an expert

I found this link to a sketch about the pain of being the only Engineer in a Business Meeting. I think the less I say before you see it the better. It is misleading to call this humor, because it is actually quite sad….

The video was posted by the Laughing Squid website, a site dedicated to featuring compelling art, culture and technology. The description of the video is as follows “The pain of being the only engineer in a business meeting is perfectly illustrated in the comedy sketch, “The Expert.” The sketch was written and directed by Lauris Beinerts and is based on the (Russian language) short story, “The Meeting,” by Alexey Berezin“.


I frequently feel like the “expert” in this sketch when I have to explain that keeping competitors out of a country by raising tariffs does not really make a domestic industry more competitive or innovative. Or that import substitution does not lead to local innovation. Or that innovation is not simply the commercialization of very clever research and development, but that innovation is something that should happen all the time.

Lets have some fun. Without mentioning names of people and organizations, when did you feel like the expert in this clip?



One Response to “Humor: A Sketch about being an expert”

  1. Frits Haas Says:

    Hilarious. I feel like this at every meeting unfortunately.


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