Two links for your reading pleasure

Here are two articles for you to consider.

The first is an article by Thomas Fisher on Place-Based Knowledge in the Digital Age. Anyone working on local economic development, regional development and also technological innovation should take a look at this article. Thank you Liza for sharing it with me.


The second is an article by Edward Carr on the difference between innovation and technology in development. In my own words, his article highlights how the development fields focus on solutions might actually worsen the problems.

Let me know what you think.

2 Responses to “Two links for your reading pleasure”

  1. Peter Gray Says:

    Both very pertinent articles – thanks! I found Thomas Fischer’s article particularly useful in articulating how we might move away from a disciplinary focus within academia – the idea of place based knowledge mapping seems to be a useful way forward in addressing societal challenges.


  2. Silvia Pella Says:

    Positively susprised of finding such a beautifully written piece of philosophy on your blog, Shawn; thanks a lot for sharing Fisher’s article. Impressive ability to link knowledge fields, philosophical schools, ideologies… and wrap them up nicely with a moral imperative. Fully aligned and pretty impressed indeed. Also reflects the breadth of your interests, your truly “systemic” thinking. Congrats for such an interesting blog!


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